Monday, October 20, 2014

Vinnie is now a veteran

Vinnie passed the seven year mark at the beginning of last month but you'd never know it...well, maybe those grey hairs on his face might give it away, but he is in such beautiful condition and so full of life that he seems like a much younger dog.

I love these photos Chris captured of him over the weekend:

I am currently in the middle of getting Vinnie's health clearances in order and if all looks good he will be bred to Libby (Ch LegacyK LibertyReigns Braebrook FDJ) in the spring. A link to Vinnie's pedigree can be found here.


  1. Here's hoping the boy is cleared to have another "beautiful experience". We are missing Khaleesi and tonight are in Portland - tomorrow night we'll be in margaritaville. Toni/ errol

    1. I hope you're having a wonderful vacation, Khaleesi is doing great (but I suspect missing you too ;) ).