Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Recent wins

First off, for those of you who have e-mailed me recently I apologize for taking a bit of time to get back to you, things have been very busy here. I think I am caught up now so if I have missed you please just drop me a reminder e-mail.
Bravo made his show ring debut in Chilliwack BC and walked away with a huge five point best of winners win as well as a best puppy in group. He showed very well, and I could not have been more happy and proud of my eight month old boy. It shouldn't take him long to finish his championship, and starting out with a win that brought him half way there sure made it easier. I also got a chance to see Bravo's two brothers, Cooper and Remy while I was at the show and am so pleased with how they are coming along. I'm excited for them to hit the show ring! The litter may have been small with just three boys but the quality was deep.
London and I ventured into the obedience ring as well. I haven't been to a trial since I competed to get Lexi's CD and it was fun. I always forget how laid back the trials are compared to conformation showing, and you don't have to wear a suit. :)
London did fairly well at the first trial, getting the first leg(passing score) towards her CD(companion dog) title(you need three "legs" or passing scores to earn your title). The second trial was going along about the same until she decided to stand up from her long sit when I came back to her. This was an automatic fail unfortunately. The building was very cold and I think she was just tired of sitting on the cold cement. I wasn't able to attend the next two trials on the following day as a fuel truck had overturned on the Malahat highway which shut it down for nearly 24 hours. It was disappointing but we will continue to train and trial for our next two legs. Not sure yet what trial I will enter, but I will make sure she gets her CD.
I have finally decided on a stud dog for Coco. I am just working out the details now, and as soon as I do I will be posting the information to my website so stay tuned!