Friday, July 29, 2011

The Rogan x Safi puppies arrive. :)

The big day arrived pretty much right on schedule and Safi presented us with four lovely boys, three black and one red. She took her time while in labour with lots of time in between each delivery, which gave each puppy plenty of time to learn to nurse before the next one arrived. All the nursing has not provided too much milk however and I have been bottle feeding the little ones. This is exhausting and so I have once again gotten behind on my e-mails. I'm sorry everyone, but I will get back to you...just as soon as I get some sleep! ;)
I am giving Safi fenugreek which is a herb that helps with milk production so with any luck it will do just that and I will be able to back off with the bottle somewhat.
Making this a quick one as the babies are calling again. More soon...

Monday, July 18, 2011

This house is SOLD!!

I was starting to feel like this day would never come but it finally did. Our lovely Cobble Hill house has SOLD and we are moving on to a lovely, more dog(and child) friendly home in North Cowichan. We do have a place in mind so please keep your fingers crossed that all goes as planned. We are very excited!
Safi and Coco are getting closer fact Safi is just eight days away from her whelping due date. I don't expect really large litters, as neither girl is looking huge, but they are both definitely pregnant. I can't wait for puppy breath. :)
We recently replaced our computer and in doing so I am unable to update my website for the next little while. I will be relying on my blog and the Braebrook Facebook page to keep you all abreast of what is happening here.
Puppy news soon!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

More points for Pony. :)

I received a new show photo for the lovely Pony(Can/Int Ch Holmrun's Chulo Pony Braebrook) yesterday. She has matured beautifully and is now working towards her American championship. She picked up six more points towards her Am title while out with her handler recently, and has a few more shows lined up for the month of July. You can see her new photo on her page on the Braebrook website.
Pony is a littermate to Coco(Ch Braebrook's Coco Chanel Holmrun). This litter was born and raised here at Braebrook, but was co-bred(meaning the dam, in this case London, was owned by two people) with my very good friend Cherie Holmes of Holmrun Dobermans. As per our original agreement Cherie was to get a puppy from the litter, and she chose Pony, which is why her name starts with Holmrun instead of Braebrook.
This has been a very successful litter for me as you will see from previous posts and I am very proud of them. More titles are still coming in and I am excited to see what this litter will accomplish when all is said and done. There is still lots of time left, as they are only three years old now. I have to say a big thank you to all of their owners for piloting these great dogs to their many accomplishments. You are invaluable! :)
It's looking like Safi is pregnant. She is looking full in the waist and her nipples are starting to fill already. I think all those positive thoughts worked! ;)
Coco is starting to look different to me as well, so I am pretty sure both girls were successfully bred. I can't wait to see the results of those breedings in the form of sweet little puppy faces.
I hope you are all enjoying the sun today and that you had a great long weekend. Happy Canada Day!