Wednesday, September 24, 2014


I had never ordered a Barkbox before but have always thought they looked like good fun for the pupsters, and I had heard that the items included in each box are very good quality. When I saw a Groupon for a three month subscription arrive in my email inbox I knew it was the perfect time to check them out.

The first box arrived yesterday and look at those happy faces...Enya (left) and Hadley (right) were the lucky ones who were able to get in on the box opening action. I think they were just as excited as the kids!

I took a couple of a pictures of the box exactly as it arrived..

And then the opening began. You don't even want to know how many pictures I took and this was the only one that was kind of in focus. I had four excited little friends who were pretty jazzed about this box.

It included a duck chew that was much like a bully stick.

Coconut dog cookies...these really do smell good enough to eat myself...

I like to see an ingredient list like this one:

Chicken jerky treats..

A little smoothie for dogs...just pop it in the freezer and give it to them frozen for some cool fun.

And a very strongly made fish stuffy toy...this one should be tough enough to stand up to the big dogs. As you can see it's already a bit dirty as stuffies are always a favourite around here.

Everything is all US sourced and made which means no questionable ingredients from China. Overall I'm impressed and happy with the box, I can't wait to see what next month brings. :)

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Brody and Phoebe puppies at 14 weeks

 The three amigos are getting bigger all the time. They are a delight for the most part, they are puppies after all and with that comes a mix of cute and naughty. They are very smart, and eager to learn. On lead lessons have started and they have taken to it very well, lots of clucking and biscuits keeps them enthused, and they have been brave meeting people and having the kiddies ride bikes alongside them on the local trails. I've been trying to walk to our mailbox to pick up the mail rather than picking it up when I'm driving by as it's a great training opportunity and they are likely to get a car or two passing by and a dog barking from a yard up the street. It's not too overwhelming for a youngster and it's the perfect start to outside socialization.

Here is Lennon (black collar) at 14 weeks.

Friday (pink collar) at 14 weeks.

Ryan (red collar) at 14 weeks.

Thank you so much to all the new puppy owners for the great photos you've been sending. I treasure every one of them!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Braebrook's We Run the Night at four months

When I had Chris take some photos of Remy (see last post) I also decided to get a quick picture of Havana. She's only four months so has lots of maturing to do but isn't she looking good? She reminds me very much of her father Trotyl (you can see a picture of him here).

I'm really enjoying her temperament. She is sweet and confident and one thing I find so funny is that she sits in front of me when she wants my attention. Now usually I don't teach my show dogs to sit until they are a little older, I work on teaching them the correct way to stand in the show ring first so this is all her. I love when they offer behaviour to me to see what gets rewarded, I think that shows a good mind. She's a smart young lady.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Am/Can Ch Braebrook's Remy Martin

Remy came to stay with me this week to have a special date with Enya (more on that in an upcoming post) and while he was here I of course had to take some updated pictures. He is four years old now and just getting better all the time. He is smooth, tight and moves very clean. There is nothing out of balance on this dog, nothing that spoils the overall picture, and he has a lovely outgoing temperament. He gets along with my other dogs here and is very good with my children. I always like to see that, especially when he doesn't live with any of his own.

Isn't he lovely? I'm so proud to have bred this dog. He is owned by Joyce and Lindsay who adore him and is co owned by Braebrook. Joyce and Lindsay have made sure he made it into the show ring where he quickly finished his championship and went on to multiple group placements, he also finished his American championship with ease, collecting three majors on specialty weekends along the way.
I believe Remy has a bright future ahead of him as a stud dog and I'm excited to see what comes next.