Saturday, October 30, 2010


I decided to post about my views on vaccines after having a conversation about this with one of my puppy people. It was a good and open conversation but it made me realize that perhaps I need to make my puppy people and potential puppy people a little more aware of my views on the subject.
With my own dogs I vaccinate minimally, usually doing two sets of puppy vaccines(the most important of which is for parvo and distemper) and then if they end up going across the border for any reason than I also do a rabies vaccine, but I try not to do this before they are one year of age. After that I don't vaccinate anymore and turn to titre testing if need be. This measures their immunity levels and if they are low than they can be boosted with a nosode, or they can even be revaccinated.
For those in the area there is a great seminar coming up in Nanaimo BC given by Jean Dodds DVM. Here is a link to more information if you are interested in attending:
And for more information on Jean Dodds herself as well as her vaccination protocol you can go to this link: and:
Hope everyone is getting out with their dogs to enjoy this beautiful sunny day today!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I have been so busy that I haven't gotten much time to really get the training in with the dogs that I like to. It becomes one of those things that you just have to make time for, or before you know it you have gotten lazy, or become an "armchair trainer". I read an article once on armchair know, the kind who sit in their armchair and read about training and have all these great aspirations but never actually get out and do it. I have been guilty of that from time to time..... It's time to get back at it though, and I have done just that. I have different dogs training for different things as it keeps things varied for me, and expands my skills as a trainer. I have some in tracking, some in obedience and some getting ready for the conformation ring. Things are not dull!
I really believe that dogs should be tested and worked and bred for what their original purpose was. Dobermans being a working/guarding breed are often worked in schutzhund, which is a great sport to showcase their talent and to keep breeders on the right track as far as temperament and working abilities. Schutzhund brings together three different disciplines: tracking, obedience and protection work. Watching a trial is always very exciting for me as watching my breed doing what they were bred to do always inspires and awes me. If you have never been I highly recommend it. The level of training is amazing.
I am working more and more all the time to try to bring in and maintain working abilities in my dogs. I really think this is so important. The showring is only half of the equation. The showring is a place to evaluate breeding stock, a place to get a judges opinion of your work, and a place to showcase your efforts to other breeders, but I really feel that it is just important to prove the working abilities of your dogs as well. Pretty is as pretty does!
So with that said I am back at it! No matter how busy life gets, you just have to make time. :)
See you in the ring!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cooper goes home.

The time is here, I can't believe it, it seemed to pass so quickly. The "boys" are off to start the next chapter of their lives.
Cooper left to go to his new home on Saturday. The report back was great, a smooth trip home with Cooper taking everything in stride, meeting some new friends on the ferry ride to the Mainland, and settling in quickly with his new Chinese Crested buddy. Thank you Nancy for giving our little boy a good home. :) I look forward to hearing how he progresses in his training to be both a show dog and competitive obedience dog.
Remy will be with us for a couple more weeks until his family is ready for him and Bravo will be staying here at Braebrook for now.
That's it for now, just a quick update. Our house goes on the market on Tuesday and I am hoping things move along quickly.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another new Champion!

I had some lovely news this weekend that Ava (New Champion Braebrook's Dolce Holmrun) finished her championship with a Best of Winners win at the Fraser Valley Dog Fanciers show. That makes her the fifth champion from the Dirk x London litter to finish. I am just so proud of this litter. It takes good dogs and good owners to get to this point, so a big shout out to them. Thank you! :)
While Ava was finishing her Championship I was home getting the house prepped to go on the market, and I do believe it's not a moment too soon as we have found a good potential house for us. There would be lots of room for dogs and kids so keep your fingers crossed that all works out.
The puppies are doing so well and growing like crazy. Ears have been cropped and are almost fully healed so they will start to go to their new homes now. Cooper(green collar) will be leaving us first, going to his new home on Saturday. Having the babies go is always bitter sweet for me as they are my little charges and I have gotten to know each one so well, but at the same time you can't keep them all and I am excited for them to join their new families. Remy(purple collar) will be staying with us a little longer until his family is ready to take him and Bravo(red boy) will be staying at Braebrook to grow up and see how he comes along. If the right show home came along than I might let him go but for now he is staying. :)
Another thing I should mention is that the VCBC is asking for public input before a vote is made on banning cropping and docking. All letters/e-mails/faxes need to be in by Nov 1st so please take the time to write as this would be devastating to the breed. This is all about numbers so the more people that right in the better.
I am going to try to write in this blog a little more often. Life has been extra busy with getting the house ready and puppies and I just haven't gotten on here as much as I would like. I need to figure out how to jazz it up too, add pictures and links etc.... Must take some time out to do that.
Hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, there was much to be thankful for in this house. :)