Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Picture updates!

 As you all know I LOVE getting updates and pictures on any Braebrook puppy so please please send them my way ( braebrookdobes@yahoo.ca ), and thank you so much to those who have. Here are a few I have received recently:

I just love this one of Braebrook's Get Rhythm "Riley" and her little buddy from doggy daycare. Riley is from the Mick (BISS Ch Holmrun's Play for Keeps) and Coco (Ch Braebrooks Coco Chanel Homrun) litter born July 2011.

This is the above mentioned Coco and her son (and littermate to Riley above) Soter (Braebrook's Going to Jackson).

Another of Coco and Soter (doesn't he look dapper in his tie??) with owner Sherri.

Wyatt (Braebrook's Ride On Hearthfire) and his buddy Dijon keeping an eye out for Santa. Wyatt is from the Beau (Am/Can/Thai Ch Holmrun's Beau Regard CGN) and London (Ch Holmrun's Bo Jolais Braebrook CGN) litter born Feb 2009.

Ch Braebrook's Hugo Boss Holmrun CGN "Amadeus" and Kesler having a cuddle. Amadeus (black) is from the Dirk (BISS Am/Can Ch Heartwood's Jewel of WM Wranch CGN WAC) and London (Ch Holmrun's Bo Jolais Braebrook CGN) litter born April 2008.

And a couple of very sweet Christmas pictures of Harmony and Jax(right). Jax is from the previously mentioned Mick and Coco litter.

Thank you again to everyone for sending pictures, I love each and every one of them!