Friday, May 30, 2014

It's time to play the guessing game!

Here is Phoebe. This photo was taken yesterday and she is due on June 8th. What's your best guess??

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Havana's getting bigger

Here are a few pictures of Havana as she has been growing, it's hard to believe she is two and a half weeks already...time is flying.

Brand new...

One week..

And two weeks old. I love the little milk dot on her chin. I have been bottle feeding her as a supplement to her nursing as Enya just hasn't had much milk. This was right after a feeding session. 

She is walking all around the whelping box now and barking and growling in her little puppy voice. She spent the evening cuddled up in my shirt watching TV last night, so sweet.

Phoebe is booked for her x ray on June the 8th so I'll know how many to expect. I'll post a pic just before so you can put your guesses in!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

A new FDJ!

 I joined up with the Vancouver Island Pointing Dog Club for their field test held at the Cowichan Exhibition Grounds yesterday. I was a little nervous because I hadn't had time to get Libby out in the field again since the last two tests we ran and I really wanted her to pass. A third pass would mean a new Field Dog Junior title for her...and guess what?? We did it! I'm getting a little ahead of myself though...

The day was bright but overcast which was perfect, not too hot for people or dogs but no drenching rain either. The fields were lush and green and only one part was a bit swampy, so perfect conditions.

 I love the backdrop of Mt Prevost, isn't it beautiful?

I was only able to snap a few photos on my iPhone so I don't have any pictures in the field but Libby ranged well, worked the air currents, and locked on point when she found her bird. I was THRILLED!

My original start in purebred dogs was with German Shorthaired Pointers but Libby is the first one I have taken into the field and it's such a thrill. Watching dogs do what they were bred to do....there's nothing like it, and instinct is amazing.
I do plan to move on to the next level (Field Dog) with her which means I really do need my own birds........I may have created my own monster. ;)

Hope you had a wonderful weekend, and a very Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

I have good news!

I took Phoebe for her ultrasound yesterday and the vet says there are quite a few in there, definitely more than three and probably more than six. It's hard to count puppies on ultrasound, it really is more for confirming that they are indeed pregnant and that's what we did, there are babies in there! It made my day. 

Here is an older picture of Phoebe standing behind her daughter Pelly, she is not looking quite so slim these days. ;)

 And if you need a little puppy fix in the meantime here is Enya with hours old baby Havana. 

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Friday, May 9, 2014

She's here!

I'm thrilled to introduce our new addition. Unfortunately she didn't want to come on her own so after waiting two days beyond her due date (and ultrasounding Enya during that time to make sure puppy wasn't in distress) we decided to go in and take her out. Often with singletons the dam doesn't go into labour on her own so we were ready.
She arrived this morning just before ten and started yelling. My vet said she is the loudest puppy she has ever sectioned! I love hearing that, it means she is strong and healthy, and weighing in at over a pound there is no doubt about it.

My clinic is wonderful and we know each other well, so after making a coffee run for the girls up front Marshall and I went back to meet our new little girl. Such a great experience for Marshall, he was so excited and full of questions about everything. He made friends with a very sweet cat who was in for a spay and who of course he wanted to take home with us, but one Doberman puppy was enough. ;)

As soon as Enya was out of surgery we put squawky mcgee on to nurse and all was quiet again.

She is so strong and vigorous, and nursing with no problem at all.

Both Momma and baby are home and settled, keeping warm under the heat lamp. Enya is a fantastic mother and this is going to be one very spoiled puppy.

I had some names waiting for him or her and so she has been named already....officially she will be registered as Braebrook's We Run the Night, and her call name will be Havana.

I have been up for two nights straight and managed to put my back out pretty bad sleeping on the couch last night, but it's amazing what a couple of extra strength Advil will do for you. I'm off to make more tea and just gaze lovingly at my new arrival. :)

Saturday, May 3, 2014

The results are in....

I took Enya for her x ray this morning to get a final count on how many puppies to expect on Wednesday, and it turns out there is only one. I know, I'm surprised too (so was my vet!) as she is quite large for only one puppy. The puppy itself isn't overly big, just average, so I'm hoping that bodes well and we will be able to avoid a c section which can happen with singleton puppies.

Can you see him/her stretched out along the bottom?

This puppy won't be available, as it will be staying and growing up at Braebrook.

Phoebe is only just three weeks along now and so it is still too early to tell yet if her breeding took. Stay tuned to the blog or Facebook for updates!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Fun in the sun

It was a beautiful day here yesterday and today is shaping up to be exactly the same. The sun is shining and it's very hot, feels like fact I was in shorts and a tank top yesterday! 
I snapped a couple of pictures of Momma Enya yesterday that I thought I would share, she was romping in the sun with Sebastian, the Smooth Fox Terrier that Ella uses as her juniors dog.

I think they were enjoying the sunshine and Vitamin D just as much as the kids and I were, it's most welcome.

Look at that week to go.

 It didn't take long before a rest in the shade was in order...

That cool grass feels so good on a pregnant tummy..

Hope you're getting sun wherever you are. :)