Monday, February 22, 2016

A New Champion And An Offering

If you follow along on the Braebrook Kennels Facebook Page than you probably know that Ryan recently finished her championship making her New Ch Braebrook's Revolution. She finished brilliantly by winning the breed over multiple specials and going on to a second in the working group. Ryan is sired by BISS Am Ch Gallant's First and Foremost v Ciden WAC ROM and out of our Australian import Ch Modadobe Sunset Dreaming.

Ryan is a beautifully balanced, extremely correct and very typey bitch. She is busy, quite intense and definitely needs a job to do. While I love her I do think the best thing for her would be living in a home where her intensity is put to good use. I think she would make a performance star. She is very fast and agile (agility anyone?), very focused on food and her handler (obedience?) and if she is anything like her half sister Pelly would excel in tracking or nose work as well. I am offering Ryan for sale to the right home on a co ownership where I am able to breed her. If you are interested in Ryan and would like to talk more about her you can email me at

Ryan is a vWD carrier and she does carry dilution. You can view her pedigree here. It's actually a link to her brother Lennon's pedigree (who finished his championship on the same weekend she did!) but of course is the same.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Spartan x Kyra 7.5 weeks

The Spartan x Kyra babies are getting big! I'm so pleased with their wonderful and outgoing personalities, so much fun. Dobermans of course love to be with their people so the puppy walks are the highlight of my day. We walk around the backyard, go through the loop in the trees, and all the while they are keeping an eye on me and checking in, very in tune.

Here they are at 7.5 weeks, more formal stacked photos to come.

Toby, Pearl and River

 River, Pearl and Toby

Pearl and Sniff, the best puppy training cat there has ever been. 

Toby and River

 Pearl and River




Monday, February 1, 2016

GSP Litter Announcement Jan 29, 2016!

We are thrilled to report the arrival of 11 healthy german shorthaired pointer puppies from our breeding of 



Libby very sweetly decided to whelp during the day which is always nice as that way you aren't quite as sleep deprived and bleary eyed when it's all over. She started with this big strapping boy and continued slow and steady throughout the day.

When she got to 10 puppies delivered by the evening she decided to pause. I knew there were more in there and continued to watch and walk her as well as give her a little oxytocin to encourage the labour along but her body wasn't quite ready. During the middle of the night she gave birth to another female  and the following early morning she gave birth to puppy number 12, a male.

He came out gasping and quite listless, but with gentle and careful care he got beyond the gasping stage and started to breathe normally. I sat with him on a heating pad in my lap gently massaging him and encouraging him to move around but he never really perked up and passed a couple of hours after being born. Those who were following along with the whelping on the Braebrook Kennels Facebook page I do so appreciate your kind comments. Being a breeder is full of highs and lows and unfortunately puppy losses happen sometimes which is always very sad and never gets any easier.

I think this little guy has the most interesting face markings. The breed standard says any combination of liver and white so this is perfectly allowable and within standard, it's just not the most traditional look. He's been nicknamed Pirate for his one eye patch as it suits him perfectly.

 Libby is doing very well and being a great Momma. She is an attentive mother but not a worrier and is pretty relaxed which makes things easier for all involved. Here she is with her big brood, five girls and six boys in total. You can see the one little girl with the slightly green tinge. That comes from some dark amniotic fluid that dyed her coat a little bit. It will go away in a couple of days but because of it she's been nicknamed Pickle....again, it suits her perfectly.

We do have a couple of puppies available from this litter and welcome inquires from loving responsible homes. You can email: for more information and a puppy application.