Sunday, March 20, 2016

Smooth Fox Terrier Litter Announcement March 13, 2016!

Very excited to announce that the Blake x Fiona litter arrived on March 13th, 2016, three beautiful girls!

Blake (Am/Can Ch Avalon Eclipse) is owned by Jaime Lewers in Manitoba and she was kind enough to send him to us for the breeding. I have had quite a few stud dogs come to my house to breed my bitches and I have to say, I absolutely love it. It gives me real insight into their personalities and what they are like to live with, something that is so important to me in my breeding. Big show wins are the icing on the cake but the real dog is the one you live with.
Speaking of big show wins, Blake has no shortage there, being a best in show and best in specialty show winner in the US as well as a best in show winner in Canada. He comes from a beautiful pedigree of top producers which you can find here. Health clearances you can find here.

Our sweet Fiona (Am Ch Lil'itch Skylarke) is the dam of this litter and she was a champion whelper (all three girls in an hour and a half) and is proving herself to be an excellent mother. To say I'm thrilled would be an understatement. :)
Fiona is sired by Am Ch Lil'itch Wedigit Rugged Larke and out of Am Ch Decorum by Moonlight who is not on the Smooth Archives but you can view her full brother here which is the same pedigree of course. Fiona's health clearances can be found here.

We decided to name the girls after Charlie's Angels, so we have Farrah, Jaclyn and Kate. They were all a very good size at birth and haven't lost any weight with Fiona's great mothering skills.

This is Jaclyn and she is the second puppy I have had this year with a big heart patch...I think it must be all the love going on around here. ;)

Marshall and baby Kate who has a split face like her Daddy.

More pictures will be posted soon as they grow and start to get up on their feet. 

These three girls are all spoken for but I do know of some other Smooths available, you can email me at for contact info on them.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Litter Announcement March 9, 2016

 I'm very excited to announce the arrival of six beautiful black puppies ( 3 boys and 3 girls ) born on March 9th, 2016.

The sire is Am/Can Ch Braebrook's Remy Martin:

Remy is OFA Good, vWD carrier, carries no dilution and had 0 PVC's on his Jan 2016 holter test. You can find his pedigree here.

The dam is Ch Esquire's Celtic Woman CGN:

Enya is OFA Good, vWD clear and had 0 PVC's on her January 2016 holter test. You can find her pedigree here.

There were seven puppies originally born but a male was not doing well at birth and passed shortly after. The remaining six are healthy as horses however and gaining piles of weight. Enya is being an excellent mother, very relaxed but attentive and has lots of milk. 

I'm looking forward to watching these guys grow up and will be posting photos to the Braebrook Kennels Facebook page and to this blog as they do. Thank you as always to everyone who followed along with the whelping on Facebook, it's so much fun to share it with you that way.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Hero x Libby 6 Week Head Shots

This post has been a long time coming as it's been pretty busy around here, and Chris (my husband and photographer) has been away for work quite a bit so we haven't had a chance to take pictures. Tonight we did it all, deworming, nail trimming and head shots of everyone. Thank you so much for being patient everyone, here are the Hero x Libby babies, they will be six weeks old tomorrow.

 Pirate, his name is pretty self explanatory with that eye patch. I really love this puppy, he's so bold and outgoing, always the first one asking to be picked up, fed, fussed with, he's so fun.

Mickey, Ella named him because he has a Mickey Mouse shaped patch on his back.

Spot, because you know, he has a spot at the base of his tail. ;)

Lefty, because he has a big patch on his left side.

Righty, because he has a big patch on the right side of his body.

Happy, because he's always wagging his tail, so cute.

Valentine, because she has a perfect heart shaped patch on her back.

Pickle, because she was green at birth if you remember my whelping day blog post.

Lil, short for Lil' Bit because she is the smallest. She is feisty though, don't let her size fool you.

Katie, just because.

Trip, because she has three connecting patches down her back.

It's been raining like crazy here so the puppies have only had one trip outside to play in the yard and it was a quick one because they got chilly pretty quickly. Most of their time is spent playing with the kids and I in the puppy room, well, they play mostly with the kids while I clean. It's ok though, once the kids are in bed and I do the final dog chores for the night we have a good cuddle, such a nice way to end the day.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Changes Are Coming

Hello friends,
 I know that my posts have been a bit sporadic as of late and I also know that my GSP puppy people are waiting on photos (very soon, I promise) but I wanted to let you know of some changes coming to Braebrook. The biggest being that we are taking a big step back. The kids are getting to the age where I spend a good deal of time on their activities (driving, volunteering, homework, lessons etc etc etc...)  which of course means much less time for dog activities. The other big part of this decision has been the cropping ban in BC. This has been a big blow to purebred dog breeders as a whole and of course cropped breeds in particular. Getting across the border into Washington for these procedures is getting more and more difficult and with the dollar exchange being as awful as it is, it also makes cropping across the border very cost prohibitive. Alberta is even farther away as far as travel and the cost of cropping there is even higher. It doesn't leave a lot of options. This has been a very difficult decision to make and we are not leaving the breed completely, but this will be the last year we are heavily involved. You can find information on our 2016 litters on our website shortly so please stayed tuned for that and thank you to those who are already on our puppy wait list, we have some very special babies arriving soon.

Because we have decided to step back we do have some young Dobermans available that otherwise would not be. We also have a couple of adults that will be available to retirement homes a little later in the year.

Braebrook's Varekai "Dusty" just turned a year old last month. She is sired by our Argentina import Am Ch Backbone Harrison Ford and out of our sweet Braebrook's Pellegrino Marsala CGN who is a daughter of our Australian import Ch Modadobe Sunset Dreaming. Dusty is a sweet, outgoing and happy girl, gets along very well with other dogs and is happy to work for you. She is a very pretty moving bitch and is easy to put together in a stack (don't mind her lip in this got curled under when I was feeding her a treat and I didn't realize it stayed that way!). She is available to a show/performance home on a co ownership.

Ch Braebrook's Revolution "Ryan" will be two years old in June. She is sired by BISS Am Ch Gallant's First and Foremost v Ciden ROM WAC and out of our Australian import Ch Modadobe Sunset Dreaming. She is bitch that needs a job to do so would do well in a performance home that keeps her busy mind engaged. She finished her championship with multiple group placements and is a lovely, clean moving and very typey bitch. She is available on a co ownership.

Inquires are welcome at