Thursday, March 10, 2016

Hero x Libby 6 Week Head Shots

This post has been a long time coming as it's been pretty busy around here, and Chris (my husband and photographer) has been away for work quite a bit so we haven't had a chance to take pictures. Tonight we did it all, deworming, nail trimming and head shots of everyone. Thank you so much for being patient everyone, here are the Hero x Libby babies, they will be six weeks old tomorrow.

 Pirate, his name is pretty self explanatory with that eye patch. I really love this puppy, he's so bold and outgoing, always the first one asking to be picked up, fed, fussed with, he's so fun.

Mickey, Ella named him because he has a Mickey Mouse shaped patch on his back.

Spot, because you know, he has a spot at the base of his tail. ;)

Lefty, because he has a big patch on his left side.

Righty, because he has a big patch on the right side of his body.

Happy, because he's always wagging his tail, so cute.

Valentine, because she has a perfect heart shaped patch on her back.

Pickle, because she was green at birth if you remember my whelping day blog post.

Lil, short for Lil' Bit because she is the smallest. She is feisty though, don't let her size fool you.

Katie, just because.

Trip, because she has three connecting patches down her back.

It's been raining like crazy here so the puppies have only had one trip outside to play in the yard and it was a quick one because they got chilly pretty quickly. Most of their time is spent playing with the kids and I in the puppy room, well, they play mostly with the kids while I clean. It's ok though, once the kids are in bed and I do the final dog chores for the night we have a good cuddle, such a nice way to end the day.

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