Thursday, May 5, 2011

Now the Island shows begin!

Now that May has arrived the shows on the Island will start. The first show weekend will be the Tyee Kennel Club show on May 13th to 15th. I will be going two of the days with two different dogs and so I am looking forward to it. The best perk of this show?? It's only five minutes from my house and I can easily go back and forth during the day. My favourite and most convenient show of the year.
Following the Tyee show there is VIDFA in Victoria a couple of weeks later, and then Nanaimo and Comox in June. Lots of shows to keep me busy while I wait for Coco and Safi to come into season. They will of course be ready to breed on one of these show weekends, as that is just Murphy's Law. ;) We'll see...
Had a wonderful weekend in Sayward visiting family and took some of the dogs along. My parents have a fabulous 40 acre property and the dogs(and kids!) love going. They just run all day long, and sleep well at night. I posted a photo of the dogs running to the Braebrook Dobermans Facebook page so be sure to check it out.
Spring has really spring here in Cobble Hill. The trees are all growing leaves, there are flowers everywhere and the birds singing and frogs croaking is nearly deafening. I love it!
Speaking of the outdoors I best get off the computer and enjoy some of that fresh air. Be sure to say hello if you see me at a show, I love to talk about the dogs. :)