Sunday, July 27, 2014

Brody and Phoebe seven weeks

I am continuing to be so pleased with this litter. They have wonderful outgoing temperaments and their structure just gets better and better. I hope you enjoy their seven weeks photos.

Red collar girl

Pink collar girl

Yellow collar girl (her head shot makes me can see she's thinking...why is that guy making such weird noises?)

White collar girl

And how cute is this shot?? "You know you want to keep me..."

Blue collar boy

Black collar boy (that head just melts me..)

Green collar girl (remember her from last week? Now she's working that stack like a's amazing what a little confidence will do)

And finally me with black collar boy...I love these babies. Who am I kidding...I love all my babies. ;)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

An update on the Freddy x Phoebe puppies

This litter is twenty months old now, I can't believe they are closing in on two years of age. That time really flew by.

My girl Pelly (Braebrook's Pellegrino Marsala) has just been at home growing up. She is very sweet and obedient and all around just an easy dog to live with. We had done some tracking in the cooler months and she showed a real aptitude for it. I'm planning to get back at that again once the weather is a little cooler.

While Pelly is at home growing up her sister Phoenix (Ch Braebrook's Viognier) strutted her way to a new championship. Huge congratulations to owner Amber on this accomplishment. 

Phoenix is the second puppy in this litter to finish her championship, and a third sister Bristol (Braebrook's Bristol Cream CGN - pictured below) is pointed and has also completed her Canine Good Neighbour title. 

Braebrook's Cabernet Sauvignon "Savvy" is bringing great joy to owners Denise and Ron...I want to rub that tummy... ;)

And she's a wonderful companion for Angel.

Lottie (Braebrook's Merlot) is pictured here with the men in her life...

And Sid and Kat (Ch Braebrook's Pinot Noir) are a crime fighting unit. How cute are they?!

I just love getting all the photos and updates and I'm so glad that each puppy is a treasured companion, it warms my heart. I have the best puppy owners and I thank you all so much for the great homes you provide for my babies.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Brody and Phoebe puppies six weeks

Here are the very first stacked photos of the Brody x Phoebe puppies. I have been really happy with this litter right from the beginning. They have lots of bone and substance, great toplines, they move well and cleanly and have great temperaments. This is the first time any of the puppies had been on a grooming table so they were a little unsure (we started outside as you can see by Blue collars pic but moved inside as it was a bit chilly). Once they have been on the table a few more times their confidence will grow and pictures will get better and better. 

Without further ado...

Black collar male

Yellow collar female

Blue collar male

Pink collar female

White collar female

Red collar female

Green collar female - she needs a little more confidence on the table as you can see by her hunching down in the rear, but it will come.

Overall this litter is very consistent which is so nice to see in an outcross breeding. Sire and dam were phenotypically quite similar and the nick really worked. It feels good when your best laid plans come to fruition and it's really what makes breeding dogs so fascinating. I know I say it all the time but I love what I do. :)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Havana 10 weeks

The little miss is growing, and getting better all the time. I love her balance, smooth top line and shoulder, and she has a very pretty head. I suspect she'll be a fun dog to show as she has a great attitude too.

Don't you just want to give that face a smooch?? 

Havana is our singleton puppy from the breeding of Am Ch Trotyl de Black Shadow WAC and Ch Esquire's Celtic Woman CGN.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Puppies first time outside

The puppies had their first outdoor adventure a couple of days ago and after the initial surprise of grass under their feet (you can see black collars reaction.... "I want to go back inside!") they started to wander about.

There's always a little human reassurance if you're feeling overwhelmed. 

It makes you feel much braver. 

All in all a great success. The weather is perfect right now for puppies to run around outside (with supervision of course) and explore.