Sunday, August 23, 2015

Updated Pictures And Dog Availability

Here are the two puppies that I am keeping from the breeding of Ch Braebrook's Black Russian and Ch Modadobe Sunset Dreaming. I know, I'm a little surprised I'm keeping a fawn too but he's very nice and has a lovely side gait. Also, the temperaments on this litter have been second to none, very pleased.

Here is Braebrook's Strike Your Fawn-cy "Blaze" at 10 weeks:

This is Braebrook's Red Line "Rally" at 10 weeks:

 Pictured below is a quick snap taken by Ella with my phone of Braebrook's On The Road Again. Traveler is four months old now and looking quite lovely. I'm particularly pleased with that smooth shoulder transition, something that is difficult to breed for. His temperament is very good, excellent with children, other dogs, cats and he has a willing trainable attitude. Traveler is available to the right co owned home where he will either be shown or I am able to show him.

We also have a couple of adult bitches available to loving pet homes and would be happy to discuss them with potential owners. 

If you think you might be able to provide that special home we are looking for you can email for more information.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Rush x Phoebe Nine Weeks

Time has once again flown on these guys as they will be starting to leave to their new homes at the end of this week. Thank you so much to everyone who is providing a loving new home for each one of these babies and welcome to the Braebrook family!

Here they are at nine weeks:

Red girl, as yet unnamed but staying at Braebrook:

Black girl, as yet unnamed but going to a wonderful family and helping to ease the loss of their previous Doberman:

Purple collar, as yet unnamed but leaving to his new family soon:

Orange collar, now Apollo:

White collar, now Dizer:

Black collar, now Angus:

Blue girl, call name Blue:

Red boy, now Hugo, for some reason the camera focused on me and not the puppy so he's kind of blurry:

 Fawn boy, or Fonzie:

This is the last Doberman litter at Braebrook this year but I do know of other puppies available from reputable responsible breeders that I am happy to refer to. You can email me at for more information.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Braebrook's On The Road Again

Traveler is really coming along beautifully so I thought I would share some pictures. Typically this is an age (four months) when puppies aren't looking great...they're usually quite gangly (like kids) and you just tell yourself not to look at them from a conformation perspective and to just let them grow up. Usually I'm not sharing too many pictures. ;) Occasionally you have a puppy that never really seems to go through "the uglies" and so far that has been Traveler.

His temperament is very sweet and outgoing which I love to see and work with. It makes him a nice dog to live with and one that I think will be fun to train. The future's looking bright for this one.

For the story of his birth you can click here.

If you'd like to see his parents you can click on sire and dam.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Victoria City Kennel Club Show

Braebrook had a very successful three days of showing this past weekend at the Victoria City Kennel Club show. Braebrook's Revolution "Ryan" was winners every day and best of breed over the special and made the cut in the working group on the last day. She is really doing well as a show dog and went from being not sure if it was her thing to thinking it's pretty darn awesome to have everyone love up on her and give her lots of treats. She needs just three more points to complete her championship.

Ella won two of her juniors classes with Vinnie (Am/Can Ch Stoney's There's No Crying in Baseball). She has only just started showing in juniors having made only a few appearances since she was a peewee and she has been loving it. I can't believe she's only eight years old sometimes, I was a very proud Momma.

I recently came across this article and shared it on the Braebrook Facebook page but I'd like to share it here too as I thought it was very good and so true. 

I love that dog shows are such a family friendly sport. Kids are welcomed and encouraged and become fast friends (Ella is always excited to go to shows or field trials to meet up with her friends) and all of it gets to be done with man's best friend, you can't beat that. I'm already looking forward to the next one.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Rush x Phoebe Eight Weeks

The time has flown, I can't believe these guys are eight weeks already. These photos were taken a few days ago before they were cropped, which they now all are and are doing fabulously.

This is fawn boy:

Black girl:

Blue girl:

 Red boy:

Black collar boy:

White collar boy (look at that tummy! He'd just eaten. ;) ):

Purple collar boy:

Orange collar boy:

Red girl:

We've really been enjoying these guys, the summer is just such a nice time to have puppies as they spend most of their time outside playing with the kids. Everyone is happy (and tired!) by the end of the day, it makes putting everyone to bed at night much easier.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Campbell River Dog Fanciers Society Show

I usually attend at least part of the Island Circuit of dog shows. It always starts BC Day Long Weekend in Campbell River (3 days), moves to Courtenay (3 days) and finishes the following weekend in Victoria (3 days). This year I attended Campbell River (see below) and skipped Courtenay because I'm having the Rush x Phoebe puppies cropped and am now looking forward to Victoria this weekend.

The CRDFS show has a few things I love, #1 is that it's near my parents and it means I get to stay in my childhood home in Sayward and visit with them and #2, they have the best rings. They are large, flat and have beautiful short green grass. After showing outside on dry grass with lots of slipping and sliding it's so nice to be on the green.

I took Ryan (Braebrook's Revolution from the Brody x Phoebe litter) along with me for this show and she showed very well, finishing the weekend with a nice group fourth. The working group has several best in show dogs competing in it right now so competition can be quite tough. Ryan only just turned a year old in June so I was very pleased.

The kiddies travel along with me to most dog shows and they always look forward to seeing Grandma and Grandpa. Ella talked about driving the ATV for a week and a half before we headed up  and Grandpa indulged her every day we were there.

My parents have a lovely 40 acres right on the Salmon River, it's a dogs (and kids...and adults!) paradise. I don't have any pictures of Ryan racing up and down the beach because I only had my phone with me for photos and she was a blur but I did manage to catch a few when she stood still.

 The life of a show dog is pretty tough isn't it? ;) I'm already looking forward to next year.