Thursday, August 6, 2015

Rush x Phoebe Eight Weeks

The time has flown, I can't believe these guys are eight weeks already. These photos were taken a few days ago before they were cropped, which they now all are and are doing fabulously.

This is fawn boy:

Black girl:

Blue girl:

 Red boy:

Black collar boy:

White collar boy (look at that tummy! He'd just eaten. ;) ):

Purple collar boy:

Orange collar boy:

Red girl:

We've really been enjoying these guys, the summer is just such a nice time to have puppies as they spend most of their time outside playing with the kids. Everyone is happy (and tired!) by the end of the day, it makes putting everyone to bed at night much easier.


  1. Looking great Mariah - is this Phoebe's retirement litter ?:) we are looking forward to seeing all of you Saturday and Khaleesi is ready to share Show Ring and Heat tales with Ryan. Errol

    1. It is Errol, her third and final, a little bittersweet. :) See you on Saturday!