Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Sister Jane Foxhunting Series

I accidentally stumbled across someone on Facebook talking about the Sister Jane Foxhunting series by Rita Mae Brown about four or five years ago now and I'm so glad I did. It's become one of my favourites. The reading is easy, fun and has a bit of mystery to it. The stories will make you long to be out of doors all the time, and I love the close connection the heroine has with her hounds. 
I was thrilled to see a couple of months ago that there is a new book in the series being released on November 4th (yes, I've preordered) which will make for perfect rainy day fireside reading. The book is called Let Sleeping Dogs Lie......can't wait!

Have you read any of the series or any other books by Rita Mae Brown? What do you think?

Monday, October 27, 2014

Brody and Phoebe litter - Picture update

These guys were born on June 8th which makes them four and a half months old now...time flies. They are growing like little weeds!

This is Braebrook's Eight Days a Week "Friday". She was originally pink collar and will be staying here.

This is Braebrook's We All Shine On "Lennon". He was originally black collar and is available to the perfect local show home on a co ownership. The home wouldn't actually have to show him themselves, I would be happy to do that. If you are interested feel free to email for more information: braebrookdobes@yahoo.ca

And this is Braebrook's Love Me Do "Khaleesi". She was formally yellow collar and has a wonderful home with Errol and Toni. She was included in picture taking day as she is boarding here while her owners are out of town (hope you are having a wonderful time you two!).

Friday, October 24, 2014

Puppies day out

Yesterday was a mixed bag of weather. It started out with thunder and lighting just before 6am and lots of rain for the rest of the morning. It finally cleared up a bit after lunch so I quickly loaded up some dogs and headed out to our favourite running spot. We get halfway there and the rain starts to pour down so we parked and waited it out. We finally just decided to run dogs in the rain. The first half of the walk was a little damp...

  And then the wind arrived and Ella Dupuy turned into Ella Poppins. 

Once the dogs are out and running of course they don't care about the weather. 
 Today was the first time the puppies went on a big dog run and they loved it ( I loved it too because they were exhausted when they arrived home which means they slept soundly for a long period of time).

The puppies growing up here from the Brody x Phoebe litter are Friday (pink collar) and Lennon (black collar), and London came along for the run too.

 Soon the sun came out...love these pictures of Marshall and Friday.


Not afraid of an umbrella, that's one thing checked off of the WAE list. 


London trying to teach Friday the stalking game.


And then it was time to fly home!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Running the red heads and a wee Smoothie

I try to get a group of dogs out everyday for a good heart pounding, muscle building, brain clearing run in the fresh air. The kiddies run hard too, and I get in a good walk as well...everyone benefits. Yesterday I brought the camera along with me. Once of my goals for the upcoming year is to learn how to properly use my camera....you know, out of the manual mode. I am also going to install and learn how to use Photoshop. I have great subjects and I really should learn to present them properly.

Yesterday's group included Phoebe, Pelly, Hadley and Fiona.

I do have to drive to this area to run dogs, but it's not too far which is nice and I never run into anyone. Oh how I wish this was my own backyard....a girl can dream. 

I love this little group of photos...Marshall's skip in the middle is just so cute, and so him.

The fall colours right now are so beautiful...

Puddles cannot be resisted (nor should they be!)..

Fiona LOVES water...races around in the puddles, biting, leaping and playing..so funny.

Pelly and Phoebe, daughter and mother. 

Ella running like a wild thing...fills my heart with joy.

Back to the field..

Boys will be boys....there were a lot of laughs at this photo when we got home.

Ella playing with Pelly.

How cute is this very hairy little stinker?? That neck beard is most impressive right now, I think she needs a haircut. ;)

 Go Phoebe go!


Marshall and Phoebe

Marshall and Hadley. They had a little game going where he would run backwards as she trotted towards him, a lot of giggling.

Marshall loves his Hadley.

Ella and Fiona, I do so love my girls.

The last couple of weeks has definitely presented a challenge to try to get outside in-between rainfalls but if we can't we don't let that stop us either. We wouldn't be very good west coasters if we did!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

An update on Havana

Our sweet Braebrook's We Run the Night "Havana" has gone to live in Portland with our friend and her co-owner Michelle Rowton. While it was difficult to say good bye, knowing that it won't be forever certainly helped. Havana will have Harrison to run and play with (see yesterday's blog post) and will be shown in the US once she is ready, and eventually will come back to Canada to finish her championship here and be bred. Good co owning relationships are worth their weight in gold and when more than one person is there to share the workload along with the successes and failures (and there are both...we are working with living breathing animals after all) it makes things so much easier.

Here are some new updated pictures of Havana at six months, the day before she left:

We wish Michelle and Havana all the best! You can see Michelle's Wind River Dobermans website here.