Friday, July 15, 2016

Odin x Hadley Litter At 13 Weeks

I'm really happy with how this litter is coming along and very very pleased with the temperaments, definitely a good breeding. I took a risk on a young dog with only one litter that was only a few weeks old on the ground so I didn't know how he would produce and it paid off. I love it when that happens! Of course pedigree research is a huge part of breeding and his pedigree was a lovely fit with Hadley's, a light line breeding with lots of longevity. Exactly what I was looking for.

The ear cropping debate was a hard one for me. As you may know vets in BC stopped cropping in November so if I wanted to crop I would have to either go to Alberta (about a 15 hour drive) or Washington which meant a border crossing which is always nerve wracking as it can either go perfectly or it can be a nightmare. As the puppies got older and I was really liking what I saw I decided to take my three favorites to Washington. Thankfully this border crossing was very straightforward and favourite kind!

The puppies are looking very good. This is Harley Quinn (red collar) who will be registered as Braebrook's Suicide Squad and will be living in a co owed show home with Judith. I love her substance, short back, smoothness, balance and her very confident attitude.

This is Laverne (yellow collar) who will be registered as Braebrook's Doing It Our Way from the old Laverne and Shirley theme song. I love her short back, large amount of fore chest and front fill, smooth back and she is a very balanced mover. Her temperament is middle of the road, not too pushy and not easily cowed.

This is Gracie (purple collar) who will be registered as Braebrook's Church On Sunday. She was named after my current favorite song which you can listen to here. She is so smooth, pretty neck and is such a happy girl, that tail is always wagging.

I do have two pet boys available to loving homes. The red boy is very easy going and sweet and would make a lovely pet. His structure is very nice so he would be a very pretty pet for sure.

The black boy is busier than the red boy and always looking for something to do. His tail is wagging all the time and he is very smart. I think he would make an outstanding performance dog (obedience, rally, tracking, agility etc..). This picture of him isn't a good one as it doesn't show how nice his structure really is. He could definitely be shown in the conformation ring as well. He has beautiful carriage.

 All the puppies are crate trained and sleep through the night no problem. They are good eaters, well socialized with children and other dogs and are up to date on vaccinations and worming. If you are interested in either of the boys you can email us at and we can chat about them. Serious inquiries only please.