Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Updated Pictures Of The Up and Comers

The kids are growing up and are old enough to start hitting the show ring soon. I'm excited about the 2015 prospects, I think we're going to have fun.

This is Dusty (Braebrook's Verakai) at six months. She is from our Harrison x Pelly litter and is what I like to call "sweet naughty". She gets into everything with this "aren't I the cutest puppy ever??" attitude. It's hard to get mad at her when she's having so much fun...and I think she knows that. ;)

 This is Hardy (Braebrook's Hard Luck) at seven months. She is from our Vinnie x Libby litter and is a bit of a whirling dervish. Don't let this picture fool you...you have to be quick with the camera.

Hardy has been started on birds and she loves them! This picture makes me smile as you can see the hair all raised up on the top side of her tail like she can hardly believe she's found a bird!

This is Traveler (Braebrook's On The Road Again) at five months. He is from our Harrison x Enya litter and he's a sweet and easy going boy. I love how smooth and balanced he is and I'm looking forward to watching him grow up.

Showring training will be starting in earnest soon (focusing on low pressure and keeping it fun of course) and I'm looking forward to each puppy's debut.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Tyee Kennel Club Performance Weekend

The second annual Tyee Kennel Club Performance Weekend has come and gone. While I didn't have anyone trained up enough to obedience trial (it's on my list!), I did bring down five dogs to go through CGN (Canine Good Neighbour) testing and now have five new titles. On Saturday Vinnie, Kyra and I went through the testing:

And on Sunday it was Hadley, Libby and Pelly who joined in:

On Sunday we were joined by Errol and Khaleesi (Ch Braebrook's Love Me Do CGN) who also had a passing score and brought the Braebrook total to six new CGN's over the weekend. I'm so glad you two could make it out!

Also on Sunday, Fiona and I were able to participate in the Barn Hunt Instinct testing. While this wasn't an official trial, it was just a fun run, I was very happy to see that Fiona showed definite interest in the rat and indicated which tube it was in. I think I see another sport in our future. ;)

I love getting out and working with the dogs. I feel good when I know they are reaching their full potential and seeing them compete in events specific to their breed gives me such a thrill. The instinct that is there before any training even begins is just amazing and reminds me just how hard the breeders of the past have worked to give us the dogs we have today. To them I say thank you, I'm proud to carry on your work.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Field Training

Fall is definitely in the air around here. When I got up this morning and started my dog chores I was surprised at how chilly it was, there was a nip in the air that I hadn't noticed before. The fog hung low over the trees with beams of sunlight shining through and all the leaves and grasses were damp. Both Ella and Marshall went off to school together this morning (that felt so strange) and I decided it was the perfect morning to do a little bird training with the GSPs. They thought that was a great idea.

Hardy had never seen a bird before so I was very curious to see what she would do. In typical bird dog fashion her nose was on the ground and in the bushes looking for scent as soon as we were outside...

And then she found the bird....she held this point well with gentle reminders from me, and then there was a lot of pulling and jumping while trying to get that very tempting pigeon.

We came in again slowly and she held her point again when I asked her to and I was able to stroke her tail while quietly telling her to whoa. She was very into the bird and I was happy.

Next I brought out Vinnie for a little work. He comes from a very strong hunting pedigree on his sire's side and is very focused on the birds, but has a few gun issues from a poor start as a puppy (you have to be very careful introducing gunfire). He really wants to work though and I am confident we can work through this together. I suspect I will learn a lot as I bring him along and it will be good training experience for me. Slow, steady and careful training will be key here.

Last but not least was Libby who has her Field Dog Junior Title and very clearly remembered her previous training. She found the bird quickly and whoa'd right away when I told her to, and held her point. She will be working towards her Field Dog title.

Field training is pretty new to me and I'm learning as I go. I really really love it though and can definitely see myself pursuing it hard. It's pretty easy to love doing something the dogs are so into. Watching them do what they were bred to do give me such a thrill, and when I see a dog lock on point the hair raises up on my arms. It's the same thing watching a schutzhund trail with the Dobermans and I imagine it will be the same watching the Smooths at an Earth Dog trial. The built in instinct in each dog breed from years and years of specific breeding for their appointed task(s) is absolutely amazing. I feel really lucky to be able to experience this, and to do my part so that the next generation is able to as well.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Rush x Phoebe Puppies Three Months

The last three puppies from the Rush x Phoebe litter will be leaving shortly. Although none will be living here I am lucky enough to be able to have them in some great co owned homes. This is so nice for everyone involved as I get to share my hard work with people in the form of wonderful pets while not losing out on that hard work in the form of pedigrees and the future of Braebrook. Thank you so much as always to those who are part of the Braebrook family, I couldn't do it without you! :)

This is the black collar boy, Braebrook's Back in Black "Angus"

Braebrook's Red Line v Mystikos "Rally"

Braebrook's Blue Bayou "Blue"

I'm very pleased with how well Rush produced with his first litter. I think he nicked well with Phoebe and this was a nice retirement litter for her. She produced three lovely litters here for Braebrook and now that she is retired it's time for her daughters to take her spot which is exactly how it should be. I posted a video of her playing with her stuffy to the Braebrook Kennels Facebook page and you can see she still thinks she's a puppy...she didn't get the retirement memo! ;)

Hope you had a wonderful Labour Day weekend!