Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Updated Pictures Of The Up and Comers

The kids are growing up and are old enough to start hitting the show ring soon. I'm excited about the 2015 prospects, I think we're going to have fun.

This is Dusty (Braebrook's Verakai) at six months. She is from our Harrison x Pelly litter and is what I like to call "sweet naughty". She gets into everything with this "aren't I the cutest puppy ever??" attitude. It's hard to get mad at her when she's having so much fun...and I think she knows that. ;)

 This is Hardy (Braebrook's Hard Luck) at seven months. She is from our Vinnie x Libby litter and is a bit of a whirling dervish. Don't let this picture fool you...you have to be quick with the camera.

Hardy has been started on birds and she loves them! This picture makes me smile as you can see the hair all raised up on the top side of her tail like she can hardly believe she's found a bird!

This is Traveler (Braebrook's On The Road Again) at five months. He is from our Harrison x Enya litter and he's a sweet and easy going boy. I love how smooth and balanced he is and I'm looking forward to watching him grow up.

Showring training will be starting in earnest soon (focusing on low pressure and keeping it fun of course) and I'm looking forward to each puppy's debut.

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