Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Rush x Phoebe Puppies Three Months

The last three puppies from the Rush x Phoebe litter will be leaving shortly. Although none will be living here I am lucky enough to be able to have them in some great co owned homes. This is so nice for everyone involved as I get to share my hard work with people in the form of wonderful pets while not losing out on that hard work in the form of pedigrees and the future of Braebrook. Thank you so much as always to those who are part of the Braebrook family, I couldn't do it without you! :)

This is the black collar boy, Braebrook's Back in Black "Angus"

Braebrook's Red Line v Mystikos "Rally"

Braebrook's Blue Bayou "Blue"

I'm very pleased with how well Rush produced with his first litter. I think he nicked well with Phoebe and this was a nice retirement litter for her. She produced three lovely litters here for Braebrook and now that she is retired it's time for her daughters to take her spot which is exactly how it should be. I posted a video of her playing with her stuffy to the Braebrook Kennels Facebook page and you can see she still thinks she's a puppy...she didn't get the retirement memo! ;)

Hope you had a wonderful Labour Day weekend!


  1. Mariah - While reading your remarks and thinking that Blue appears to be as big as Khaleesi was at that age I commented that I didn't know we were a "co-owned home" so Toni reminded me of the benefits of being one. Thanks again for showing Khaleesi to her championship and maybe we can repeat that for Blue in 2016 :). We have just had the last of our company depart and our highly social girl is very sad - she's looking forward to the 16th as are we all!!

    1. Oh no worries Errol, you're not a co owned home. I wouldn't do that without discussion. ;) Khaleesi isn't going to know what hit her on the 16th! lol