Saturday, September 24, 2016

Field Training

I know that every time I write about training in performance I always say how much I love watching dogs doing what they were bred to do....and I'll say it again..I love it. Seeing that instinct that has been bred in for generation after generation manifest itself always makes my heart skip a cool.

Vinnie (Am/Can Ch Stoney's There's No Crying in Baseball CGN) and his daughter Hardy (Braebrook's Hard Luck) and I went to the fall training day with The Vancouver Island Pointing Dog Club and they loved it. Vinnie was hunting before we even started, he knew what he was there to do. I am really excited to get these two ready for the Field Dog Junior tests coming up in the spring.

Lincoln (Braebrook's What a Luxury from our Hero x Libby litter) came out to get on his first bird too and while he wasn't completely sure what was going on he was very interested in the bird. There's definitely promise there!

 Vinnie's father was a very well known dog in his day, both as a field trial dog and as a show dog. He was a dual champion which is very hard to accomplish and takes a good dog and serious dedication. Vinnie is a chip off the old block...he loves birds!

 Hardy is showing great promise too and I'm excited to get her really training. Neither dog has been on birds very much but there is no doubt the instinct is there which means it's up to me to get them ready to trial. I think it's time to get some chukar!

Hardy held this point pleased with her.

 Now that the weather has cooled off and working outside with the dogs is easier it's time to get back to training regularly. We recently went on a family road trip through BC and AB and I'm feeling refreshed and renewed and ready to train! Love my dogs. :)