Friday, August 17, 2012


Happy to report that Braebrook's Thakoon Holmrun "Thakoon" earned two more points towards his Canadian championship putting him halfway there. Thakoon is from the Dirk x London litter and is four years old. He has only been to a handful of shows with his novice owner/handler and they are making it happen! 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Doberman Pinscher Club of Canada National Specialty 2012

 It was a bit of a last minute decision but I decided that I really really wanted to be at the National this year in Calgary. They had a really good sized entry of dogs and it was the Centennial year so definitely a good one to be at. I am so happy I decided to go as I ended up handling Ch Braebrook's Hennessy "Bravo" to 1st award of merit, which is like a runner up to best of breed. In an entry as big as this one was it was a very nice win. Bravo lives with and is owned by Wendy who lives just outside of Calgary and is co owned by myself so we were both thrilled when the judge pointed our way.
The National was held in conjunction with the Alberta Kennel Club's all breed show and between the AKC shows and the specialties there were four days of shows. All these shows were held at the beautiful Spruce Meadows show grounds, a world renowned site for horse show jumping. I have seen the site many times on TV and it is just as beautiful in person. The horse jumps were set up all around the dog show rings and I recognized many of them from watching TV. I think what amazed me the most was how big they are, those are some seriously high fences!

I was only able to go the one day of the weekend so Bravo was handled by other people on the days I couldn't be there. This first pic and one of my favourites  is with Karen Lejeune.

This pic is also another one that I really like and here he is handled by Katherine Stead. Katherine bred her bitch to Bravo last year and from that breeding came Boland's Coup de Foudre Holmrun "Coup" who is almost finished his championship and also passed his Canine Good Neighbour test over the weekend.

This is a pic of Bravo and I.

Another pic of us taking a break ringside. :)

Another pic taken from the front of Bravo with Katherine.

Ch Braebrook's Black Russian "Rush" also made the trek to the National and over the weekend had a best of winners win as well as another winners dog win to finish his championship in a big way at only just barely a year old. This is me stacking him up quickly while we were walking around the grounds. Rush is owned by Bryan, Sharon and Kaleb and now that he is finished his championship is off to train in obedience. He is keen to work so I think he will do well.

I was also so happy to see Braebrook's Walk the Line "Johnny" while I was out for my visit and in fact I stayed with his owner Kayla while I was there. Johnny has been shown very limitedly and has two best puppy in group wins and is almost finished his championship.

It was so nice to have these three boys at the National carrying the Braebrook banner. Thank you so much to their wonderful owners for doing such a great job with them, you make me proud! :)