Wednesday, August 10, 2011


We had a bit of a rough go here. Safi was showing very little interest in her puppies right from the beginning, something I was told she was like with her previous litter(before I owned her) as well. I started bottle feeding the little ones and thankfully they started to gain weight and were doing much better. Safi would clean them and nurse them but only if I sat in the box with her and made her lie down. She didn't have much milk, and whether this was from her not nursing enough or she just didn't get much I am not sure, but in any case I definitely had to bottle feed or the puppies wouldn't have survived.
Coco's foursome arrived on July 31st, and Coco's mothering skills are excellent. Once I knew that Coco's little ones were doing well I decided to try Safi's puppies with her and it worked out beautifully, she loves them. Unfortunately even with Coco's good care and my watching like a hawk we still lost two of the Safi puppies, one black boy and one red boy, leaving just two black boys. It was very stressful and difficult for all involved but I am just happy that the two black boys are doing well.
So with two litters I only have six puppies in total. I am planning another breeding this year that I had originally planned for next year so if you are still interested in remaining on my wait list please drop me an e-mail and let me know. I will be updating the website with info on this breeding shortly.