Thursday, September 19, 2013

Photo updates!

I'm sitting here with a nice hot cup of tea (decaf of course because it's 9pm and I just can't do the caffeine at night) and enjoying going over a few of the photos sent to me since my last blog post. Thank you so much to everyone for every photo....each one means so much, and I love being able to share them with all who read my blog. I know I say this every time but.......I'm so proud of the Braebrook family!

As I write this Pelly is running around like a crazy thing behind me playing with her Polly Pig (or couch cushion..whatever..gotta love teenagers). These Tuffy toys are really durable, and are great for dogs like Dobermans who destroy their stuffies in two seconds flat.

And speaking of Miss Pelly....who can resist that face??

All covered in dirt.....yep, it was a great Saturday morning hound run. This is my favourite picture taken that day though...

You can definitely tell when a child has been raised with dogs....a whole pack running at you is normal!

My very talented photographer husband snapped all the shots taken that day and I have to include a couple more of my favourites.

Miss Libby....doesn't she look like she's smiling? 

And Carri, the baby of the group at just four and a half months, she has no trouble keeping up. Extra points to the dog that can find an old work glove during the outing..

It was great to get an update on how Jax (Braebrook's Walk the Line) has been doing. He happily lives with his Doberman girl Harmony and together they keep owners David and Janie smiling. Janie tells me that Jax has turned into quite the hunter of small vermin.....something she rather wished he would give up!

Here's Carri's sister Ellie (Braebrook's The Devil Within) looking sweet..or devilish...I can't decide.

Love this photo of Rueben (Braebrook's The Devil at Supernova - littermate to Carri and Ellie) graduating from his puppy class. Doesn't he look studious?? 

Owen (Braebrook's The Man in Black- on the right) with his buddy Jaxx at "Yappy Hour"...sounds like fun to me!

I think that's it for now, and Pelly has finally settled down for a nap so I might even get a little quiet time in.

Keep those photos coming!