Monday, March 28, 2011

Breeding plans

Nothing takes more time, effort and serious studying than trying to find the right stud dog. Sometimes it can be down right exhausting!

I have finally made a decision on who Safi(Am/Can Ch United First Edition) will be bred to. Drumroll please....... Am Ch Cambria's Commander in Chief "Rogan"! I have loved this dog since I first saw a video of him at the 2006 US National. He is a short backed, strong dog with a great topline and very nice bone. He moves very well, his pedigree fits in nicely with Safis and he is fully health tested. He is what is called a "stallion" dog, a dog that has a great presence and really owns the ground he stands on. Safi is exactly the same so I think I will get some lovely show dogs from this breeding. Safi is due in season in June and if all goes well than puppies should arrive sometime in August.

Still looking for the right stud dog for Coco(Ch Braebrooks Coco Chanel Holmrun), but I have a few dogs in mind and am continuing to research. She is due in season in May, so not long now!

I have posted a breeding announcement and a photo of Rogan on the litters page on the website. Click here to have a look: