Wednesday, May 15, 2013

We're two weeks old!

I can hardly believe that two weeks have passed by already. The Spartan x Enya puppies are doing very well, all eyes are open and they are crawling (albeit wobbly) around in the whelping box. Enya is being an exemplary mother and the puppies are gaining all kinds of weight (the biggest boy - blue collar - is 3 lbs!).

Here are the boys:

Blue string:

Blue collar:

No collar:

And the girls:

Purple collar:

Pink collar - it kind of looks like she's winking here. 

More pictures to come as they grow! :)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Spartan x Enya puppies have arrived!

 Miss Enya decided to have her puppies a little early just to keep things interesting. I noticed she was acting a little different yesterday....nesting, shadowing me everywhere I went and acting a bit agitated so I knew something was up. The first puppy arrived at 7:45pm and then they continued on into the night. Enya was a real trooper, delivering each puppy smoothly, quietly and with no drama. She has been a wonderful mother as well, very attentive to the puppies, you would never know this was her first litter.

The puppies are all big and robust and very strong. They nursed with great gusto immediately after being born and they haven't stopped yet.

We have five puppies total with three boys and two girls, all black. All puppies are vWD clear by parentage.

More information about the litter can be find in this blog post here.