Monday, August 19, 2013

New Champion and more picture updates!

We are very happy to report that new Champion Braebrook's Pinot Noir finished her championship yesterday at just nine months of age. She is the first from the Freddy x Phoebe litter to finish and we are thrilled! She was handled to all of her wins by Penny Lewis and her team and will now be going home to grow up. Huge congratulations to owner Judy Bohnert of Equinox Kennels on her new Champion.

Here are a few photo updates of some of the Braebrook crew:

Here is Braebrook's Viognier "Phoenix", who is a littermate to Peri pictured above, doing her thing in the ring with owner Amber. She is close to finishing her championship as well.

And here is Reuben (Braebrook's Devil at Supernova) from the Spartan x Enya litter happy at home and growing like crazy. Look at all those toys! They are the key to keeping teething puppies happy. ;)

And here's Bart, also from the Spartan x Enya litter. He dropped by for a visit and he is still the same smart, bold and sweet boy that he always was. He is a great companion for owner Gary.

I sure love seeing the "kids" and always welcome the visits so if you happen to be in the area please be sure to stop by to say hello, even if you only have a short time to spare.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Doggie birthdays, show news and lots of picture updates

First things first....Braebrook has a new website. It's brand new, still a work in progress and hasn't yet been moved to the domain but have a peek and let me know what you think:

Now for some show news....

I don't have a picture but Braebrook's Pinot Noir "Peri" picked up a nice best of winners win on the Edmonton Doberman Specialty weekend for three points. You can visit Peri's home on the web here:

Our own lovely Libby (Legacyk LibertyReigns Braebrook) picked up six points, a second in group and best puppy in group during the Campbell River Dog Fanciers show weekend handled by myself.

And speaking of the Campbell River show, Ella made her debut in her first competitive juniors class (she has previously only been in peewees where everyone wins a ribbon and the real love of showing dogs often begins) and won it! I was, and continue to be a very proud Mom. 

There have been lots of Braebrook puppy birthdays happening lately and thank you so much to all you wonderful owners for sending me pictures! I love them so much. :)

The Mick x Coco litter turned two years old and they know how to party! Here is Rylie (Braebrook's Get Rhythm) and her friends:

And Owen (Braebrook's The Man in Black) with his custom made birthday cake (with an extra for buddy Yoshi):

And Soter (Braebrook's Going to Jackson) with Momma Coco on the right and friend Jinx on the left:

That just leaves Jax (Braebrook's Walk the Line) who didn't send me a picture....hint hint... ;)

Rush (Ch Braebrook's Black Russian) from the Rogan x Safi litter also turned two and look at the size of his birthday bone!

And here are a few fun picture updates.....

 Maverick (Braebrook's Daredevil) from the Spartan x Enya litter has made himself right at home with Steve and Trish:

And Carri (Braebrook's Devil May Care) also from the Spartan x Enya litter, and the puppy that we chose to keep is also claiming her space here at Braebrook. She is bold and confident, and pretty too.

Here she is stacked at 13 weeks. A little bum high at the moment but that will pass...puppies go through all kinds of funny growth stages as they mature....they like to make their breeders sweat. ;)

As always I love to receive and share pictures of the Braebrook "kids" so never hesitate to send them my way.

I can feel the summer holidays winding down and Ella will be back in school soon, which means the dogs will too. Time to dust off the obedience lead and get ready to do some performance training....and maybe even some bird work for Libby. Stay tuned.. ;)