Tuesday, March 31, 2015


I have been very remiss with this blog lately and for that I apologize, there was/is a very good reason however. I am still recovering from a nasty bout of viral pneumonia. The viral part means there is nothing you can do for it other than stick it out, try to rest as much as you can and thank your lucky stars you have the best husband in the world who can take over dog chores for you because you can't get out of bed. I had no voice and could only whisper for about a week and a half but can now finally talk in a croaky voice. Hallelujah, I'll take it! It's been about four weeks and while mornings are still a little tough as it takes awhile to get my breathing going I am way better than I was.

Here are a few puppy pictures for you to enjoy as the little nippers are getting big and rambunctious now...and really really cute.

Because I've been so sick the puppies haven't been stacked or set up on the grooming table at all. When I finally decided to try taking a few photos last Friday it was a bit of a bust as they were all over the place...smelling the table, pawing at the food, wiggling all over the place. They need a little bit more practice yet. 

There were two puppies who stood out as little stars so I've included their pictures here. This little girl is from the Vinnie x Libby litter and she is six weeks old.

And this little boy is from the Harrison x Pelly litter and he is five weeks old.

For more information on either litter you can visit the puppy page on the website.

For those who inquired about Friday she has found a wonderful new home, and will soon be living with another Braebrook boy in Ontario.

Lots of new blog posts to follow so stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Vinnie's Official Group Win Photo

I'm very pleased with how the show photo from Vinnie's big win at the Victoria City Kennel Club turned out so wanted to share it here. Janine Starink was the photographer and is my friend (lucky me) and she made sure we got a good one!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Khaleesi Came For A Visit

Khaleesi (Braebrook's Love Me Do - yellow collar from the Brody x Phoebe litter) came for a visit a couple of days ago and I'm just thrilled with how she's coming along. This litter is just shy of nine months now and for the most part they are coming through the gangly stages quite well. 
Khaleesi's structure is very pretty, she moves well and her temperament is exactly what you want to see in a Doberman...outgoing and ready to work. You're doing a great job with her Errol and Toni!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Victoria City Kennel Club Show Recap

Now that the Ladies Kennel Club no longer has a January show the first show in BC is the Victoria City Kennel Club show and it just happens to be five minutes down the road from me...most convenient. I don't have much in the way of pictures unfortunately because the camera battery died which just left a few cell phone snaps.

The highlight of the weekend was definitely winning the sporting group with Vinnie. It was a huge group of 16 dogs so no small feat and it gave him a big five point win towards his Canadian Championship. He needs just one single to finish now so he'll be along with me at the next show. He is also in training for his Field Dog Junior title and will any luck will complete that this year.

Vinnie is just the sweetest dog, loves everyone, amazing with children, I couldn't be more pleased with him.

Lennon (Braebrook's We All Shine On) also made his show debut and was best of winners two of the three days for his first four points. I am absolutely thrilled with his temperament and his reaction to all the sights and sounds going on in the building. His tail was up the whole time and he greeted everyone with gentle enthusiasm. He is just eight months old so still has lots of physical maturing to do but I'm very pleased with how he's coming along.

All in all a most excellent beginning to the 2015 show season for Braebrook. See you at the next one!