Monday, September 21, 2015

Tyee Kennel Club Performance Weekend

The second annual Tyee Kennel Club Performance Weekend has come and gone. While I didn't have anyone trained up enough to obedience trial (it's on my list!), I did bring down five dogs to go through CGN (Canine Good Neighbour) testing and now have five new titles. On Saturday Vinnie, Kyra and I went through the testing:

And on Sunday it was Hadley, Libby and Pelly who joined in:

On Sunday we were joined by Errol and Khaleesi (Ch Braebrook's Love Me Do CGN) who also had a passing score and brought the Braebrook total to six new CGN's over the weekend. I'm so glad you two could make it out!

Also on Sunday, Fiona and I were able to participate in the Barn Hunt Instinct testing. While this wasn't an official trial, it was just a fun run, I was very happy to see that Fiona showed definite interest in the rat and indicated which tube it was in. I think I see another sport in our future. ;)

I love getting out and working with the dogs. I feel good when I know they are reaching their full potential and seeing them compete in events specific to their breed gives me such a thrill. The instinct that is there before any training even begins is just amazing and reminds me just how hard the breeders of the past have worked to give us the dogs we have today. To them I say thank you, I'm proud to carry on your work.

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