Thursday, October 23, 2014

Running the red heads and a wee Smoothie

I try to get a group of dogs out everyday for a good heart pounding, muscle building, brain clearing run in the fresh air. The kiddies run hard too, and I get in a good walk as well...everyone benefits. Yesterday I brought the camera along with me. Once of my goals for the upcoming year is to learn how to properly use my know, out of the manual mode. I am also going to install and learn how to use Photoshop. I have great subjects and I really should learn to present them properly.

Yesterday's group included Phoebe, Pelly, Hadley and Fiona.

I do have to drive to this area to run dogs, but it's not too far which is nice and I never run into anyone. Oh how I wish this was my own backyard....a girl can dream. 

I love this little group of photos...Marshall's skip in the middle is just so cute, and so him.

The fall colours right now are so beautiful...

Puddles cannot be resisted (nor should they be!)..

Fiona LOVES water...races around in the puddles, biting, leaping and funny.

Pelly and Phoebe, daughter and mother. 

Ella running like a wild thing...fills my heart with joy.

Back to the field..

Boys will be boys....there were a lot of laughs at this photo when we got home.

Ella playing with Pelly.

How cute is this very hairy little stinker?? That neck beard is most impressive right now, I think she needs a haircut. ;)

 Go Phoebe go!


Marshall and Phoebe

Marshall and Hadley. They had a little game going where he would run backwards as she trotted towards him, a lot of giggling.

Marshall loves his Hadley.

Ella and Fiona, I do so love my girls.

The last couple of weeks has definitely presented a challenge to try to get outside in-between rainfalls but if we can't we don't let that stop us either. We wouldn't be very good west coasters if we did!


  1. Mariah - we think you must be the reincarnation of Wonder Woman! How many hours are there in your day? We are both wondering that as we enjoy a leisurely (do you know that word) morning coffee! Toni/Errol

    1. guys are sweet. My housework is the first thing to suffer and it drives me crazy to no end, but I think it's more important to get out there and enjoy the day than worry about my dirty floors (and it feels like they are always dirty with a houseful of dogs and kids). Hope you're enjoying your vacation, Khaleesi is going great! I think you'll be surprised at how much she's grown while you've been gone.