Friday, October 24, 2014

Puppies day out

Yesterday was a mixed bag of weather. It started out with thunder and lighting just before 6am and lots of rain for the rest of the morning. It finally cleared up a bit after lunch so I quickly loaded up some dogs and headed out to our favourite running spot. We get halfway there and the rain starts to pour down so we parked and waited it out. We finally just decided to run dogs in the rain. The first half of the walk was a little damp...

  And then the wind arrived and Ella Dupuy turned into Ella Poppins. 

Once the dogs are out and running of course they don't care about the weather. 
 Today was the first time the puppies went on a big dog run and they loved it ( I loved it too because they were exhausted when they arrived home which means they slept soundly for a long period of time).

The puppies growing up here from the Brody x Phoebe litter are Friday (pink collar) and Lennon (black collar), and London came along for the run too.

 Soon the sun came these pictures of Marshall and Friday.


Not afraid of an umbrella, that's one thing checked off of the WAE list. 


London trying to teach Friday the stalking game.


And then it was time to fly home!


  1. Mariah - great photos especially of Ella Poppins and "Cutie" (but where was Khaleesi?). Those pups sure look mature :) Toni/Errol

    1. I knew you would ask that Errol! I have never taken any dog other than my own off my property and off lead. Perhaps I'm paranoid but I think that's a good way to be with someone else's pet. Khaleesi had a good hard run in the yard with Libby so she slept like a log too! :)