Wednesday, October 22, 2014

An update on Havana

Our sweet Braebrook's We Run the Night "Havana" has gone to live in Portland with our friend and her co-owner Michelle Rowton. While it was difficult to say good bye, knowing that it won't be forever certainly helped. Havana will have Harrison to run and play with (see yesterday's blog post) and will be shown in the US once she is ready, and eventually will come back to Canada to finish her championship here and be bred. Good co owning relationships are worth their weight in gold and when more than one person is there to share the workload along with the successes and failures (and there are both...we are working with living breathing animals after all) it makes things so much easier.

Here are some new updated pictures of Havana at six months, the day before she left:

We wish Michelle and Havana all the best! You can see Michelle's Wind River Dobermans website here.

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