Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Meeting Harrison Ford

No, not the celebrity but the dog of course! When dogs are your (all consuming) interest it's much more exciting meeting them than a celebrity any day.
Harrison is a dog that Michelle Rowton and myself imported and co own together from Backbone Kennels in Argentina. He lives with Michelle in Oregon so this past weekend was the first chance I had to actually see him in the flesh....he did not disappoint.
He is only 11 months now but if what I saw this weekend is any indication of what is to come than we have a very special dog on our hands.
He is smooth, balanced, looks tight and poured into his skin, moves cleanly, has a strong beautiful head and an absolutely excellent Doberman temperament.

Even gazing off at the bird flying by he looks beautiful, he "owns the ground he stands on".

Harrison is a vWD carrier, further health testing to come as he matures. His pedigree can be viewed here.


  1. he is even more stunning in person!

  2. Mariah- very handsome, have you shown Pelly and Havana his picture? Errol

    1. You're funny Errol! Havana has actually gone to live with him (see tomorrows blog post ;) ).