Friday, February 12, 2016

Spartan x Kyra 7.5 weeks

The Spartan x Kyra babies are getting big! I'm so pleased with their wonderful and outgoing personalities, so much fun. Dobermans of course love to be with their people so the puppy walks are the highlight of my day. We walk around the backyard, go through the loop in the trees, and all the while they are keeping an eye on me and checking in, very in tune.

Here they are at 7.5 weeks, more formal stacked photos to come.

Toby, Pearl and River

 River, Pearl and Toby

Pearl and Sniff, the best puppy training cat there has ever been. 

Toby and River

 Pearl and River





  1. Beautiful babies, we guess you'll be heading south very soon thanks to the BC COV👎. Blue is 8 months old today and her ears are approaching perfection so we hope your new surgeon is as good as the Cobble Hill Vet! Both girls are loving the beach and the weather today was perfect👌😀. T/E/K/B

  2. Beautiful puppies Mariah, you must be heading to Washington state soon! Hope your new ear Doc is as good as your last one. Blue and Khaleesi are having a great time at the beach as we head out between downpours :)T/E/K/B