Saturday, May 10, 2014

I have good news!

I took Phoebe for her ultrasound yesterday and the vet says there are quite a few in there, definitely more than three and probably more than six. It's hard to count puppies on ultrasound, it really is more for confirming that they are indeed pregnant and that's what we did, there are babies in there! It made my day. 

Here is an older picture of Phoebe standing behind her daughter Pelly, she is not looking quite so slim these days. ;)

 And if you need a little puppy fix in the meantime here is Enya with hours old baby Havana. 

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!


  1. Congratulations !! That is wonderful news, I hope everything goes smoothly for the remainder and that everyone is born healthy and happy ..

  2. Mariah - what wonderful news! We are very happy for you and Phoebe (and hopefully for ourselves also) and we will keep our fingers crossed that all goes smoothly as we wait (im)patiently for 8 Jun. Meanwhile keep the pics coming of Enya and Havana, they look very happy together! Also for anticipatory planning, our preferred names are Khaleesi, and if it's a boy, Loki.
    Keep smiling, Toni/Errol

  3. Hi five PHOEBE!!! Congrats again on the joyous news. Just like Toni/Errol we're keeping our fingers crossed for both you and us. Home isn't home without our Isabeau.
    A toast to a very heathy pregnancy!!!