Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Havana's getting bigger

Here are a few pictures of Havana as she has been growing, it's hard to believe she is two and a half weeks already...time is flying.

Brand new...

One week..

And two weeks old. I love the little milk dot on her chin. I have been bottle feeding her as a supplement to her nursing as Enya just hasn't had much milk. This was right after a feeding session. 

She is walking all around the whelping box now and barking and growling in her little puppy voice. She spent the evening cuddled up in my shirt watching TV last night, so sweet.

Phoebe is booked for her x ray on June the 8th so I'll know how many to expect. I'll post a pic just before so you can put your guesses in!


  1. Great pictures, thanks Mariah! The time grows shorter and the anticipation builds.