Saturday, October 30, 2010


I decided to post about my views on vaccines after having a conversation about this with one of my puppy people. It was a good and open conversation but it made me realize that perhaps I need to make my puppy people and potential puppy people a little more aware of my views on the subject.
With my own dogs I vaccinate minimally, usually doing two sets of puppy vaccines(the most important of which is for parvo and distemper) and then if they end up going across the border for any reason than I also do a rabies vaccine, but I try not to do this before they are one year of age. After that I don't vaccinate anymore and turn to titre testing if need be. This measures their immunity levels and if they are low than they can be boosted with a nosode, or they can even be revaccinated.
For those in the area there is a great seminar coming up in Nanaimo BC given by Jean Dodds DVM. Here is a link to more information if you are interested in attending:
And for more information on Jean Dodds herself as well as her vaccination protocol you can go to this link: and:
Hope everyone is getting out with their dogs to enjoy this beautiful sunny day today!

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