Saturday, September 20, 2014

Brody and Phoebe puppies at 14 weeks

 The three amigos are getting bigger all the time. They are a delight for the most part, they are puppies after all and with that comes a mix of cute and naughty. They are very smart, and eager to learn. On lead lessons have started and they have taken to it very well, lots of clucking and biscuits keeps them enthused, and they have been brave meeting people and having the kiddies ride bikes alongside them on the local trails. I've been trying to walk to our mailbox to pick up the mail rather than picking it up when I'm driving by as it's a great training opportunity and they are likely to get a car or two passing by and a dog barking from a yard up the street. It's not too overwhelming for a youngster and it's the perfect start to outside socialization.

Here is Lennon (black collar) at 14 weeks.

Friday (pink collar) at 14 weeks.

Ryan (red collar) at 14 weeks.

Thank you so much to all the new puppy owners for the great photos you've been sending. I treasure every one of them!


  1. Thanks for showing how to doggy-pose Mariah! Beautiful, Khaleesi is looking forward to her play weeks��. Toni and Errol

    1. It's called a show stack and you're so welcome Errol. I can't wait to see Khaleesi again soon. :)