Monday, July 18, 2011

This house is SOLD!!

I was starting to feel like this day would never come but it finally did. Our lovely Cobble Hill house has SOLD and we are moving on to a lovely, more dog(and child) friendly home in North Cowichan. We do have a place in mind so please keep your fingers crossed that all goes as planned. We are very excited!
Safi and Coco are getting closer fact Safi is just eight days away from her whelping due date. I don't expect really large litters, as neither girl is looking huge, but they are both definitely pregnant. I can't wait for puppy breath. :)
We recently replaced our computer and in doing so I am unable to update my website for the next little while. I will be relying on my blog and the Braebrook Facebook page to keep you all abreast of what is happening here.
Puppy news soon!

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