Friday, July 29, 2011

The Rogan x Safi puppies arrive. :)

The big day arrived pretty much right on schedule and Safi presented us with four lovely boys, three black and one red. She took her time while in labour with lots of time in between each delivery, which gave each puppy plenty of time to learn to nurse before the next one arrived. All the nursing has not provided too much milk however and I have been bottle feeding the little ones. This is exhausting and so I have once again gotten behind on my e-mails. I'm sorry everyone, but I will get back to you...just as soon as I get some sleep! ;)
I am giving Safi fenugreek which is a herb that helps with milk production so with any luck it will do just that and I will be able to back off with the bottle somewhat.
Making this a quick one as the babies are calling again. More soon...

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  1. Oh My Gosh Mariah, and with Coco due to deliver sometime soon, I don't foresee much sleep in your near future! I am serious when I say that if you want Blair and I to take a Doberman or two off your hands while you tend to pups and Moms, we would be deliriously happy to dog sit!!