Friday, August 26, 2016

Essential Oils

I'll start this blog post off by saying I love essential oils. I was introduced to them originally when I was in esthetics school over a decade ago now and have used EO based cleaners in my house for years. I have only recently gotten more involved with them through Young Living, and have been trying to use them instead of standard meds when I can. I have used them for headaches, sore muscles, cramps, anxiety...all with great success. I've also made salt scrubs (summer skin is dry and tired), air fresheners for the vehicle (good bye doggy smell) and I diffuse them pretty much all day long. I used to use candles because having dogs in the house makes me quite paranoid about dog smells, but the diffuser is so much better. The scent is so much purer and it's also much healthier to be diffusing rather than burning a candle.

I started with a starter kit which includes 11 basic oils which can be used for many many things as well as a diffuser, a few extra samples, a few small roller bottles and lots of literature.

My diffuser is pretty much going all the time. One fill up (which only takes about 7 drops of oil) lasts for four hours and the diffuser turns itself off. You can choose to have the soft blue light which I like or no light.

I love the Northern Lights Black Spruce (oils are farmed and expressed right here in BC), it's like walking in the forest so I used it along with Frankincense to make this DIY vehicle air freshener.

The Frankincense is very good for anxiety and I diffuse it when I am feeling stressed and I actually used this on a young dog who was quite wound up while staying here and after rubbing a few drops into his coat he laid right down and had a nap...I'm not kidding you, it was quite amazing.

Melissa Shelton is a holistic vet and I have watched many of her videos and read a lot of her work about her practice which focuses on using EO's (she uses Young Living oils too!) and the results have been nothing short of amazing....tumors, cancer, animals on their very last legs being brought back from the brink. I ordered her Desk Reference book which goes into great detail on what oils to use and how to use them. The book only arrived a couple of days ago so I haven't read it all yet but I love how it's set up for easy reference.

One thing I really like about the holistic approach is that it is quite focused on building up health to avoid getting to the point where you have to treat illnesses. I am integrating many of Dr. Shelton's suggestions (diffusing, adding oils to drinking water etc..) in the hopes that it will build up good health and immunity. I'll keep you posted.

If you have any questions or interest in the oils I am happy to chat about them, I am finding my research quite fascinating!

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