Friday, August 19, 2016

Dog Walk On The Salmon River

We recently headed to Sayward as a family to celebrate my Dad's retirement (go Dad!) and took most of the dogs with us. My parents have 40 acres on the Salmon River and it's a dogs paradise. Chris snapped a few photos from an evening run. The light was starting to fade but it still shows you what a great spot it is and how much the dogs love it. Even 10.5 year old London ran like a champ and played in the water. They all got wet and sandy and all of them slept like stones that night.

My lovely old London...

This is Bling's thing...she loves she bounce along beside you when you walk.

Hardy swims like her Dad Vinnie (who adores the water and swims like a fish) and it was enough to encourage Dusty to get right in there and swim too! Even the Smooths got pretty deep, although not quite swimming deep.

London stood back and barked at them until they came

Pearl and Dusty (and Hardy and Bling in the background).

Good heart pounding runs in nature are so good for the soul, dogs and humans keeps all of us happy. It's nice to look at these pictures when it's in the high 30's outside right now and everybody is inside in the AC because it's too darn hot to do anything else! These pictures help us think cool thoughts. ;)

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