Monday, June 1, 2015

Update On The Harrison x Pelly Girls And Some Thoughts

The last time I posted about the Harrison x Pelly girls I had two that I was running along. The litter was very nice (the two red boys who had already gone to homes were very nice too, as is the black boy Q) and I was having trouble making my final decision (always a good problem to have). While I was struggling to make a decision I was contacted by Lyn Korella, a man who first got involved in Dobermans in 1969 and who has been breeding for many years under the Defender prefix. He and his wife were without a Doberman for the first time in many years and were looking for a show puppy. I think fate stepped in here as that made it much easier to let go of one of my show girls and the girl who I'd been leaning towards went to live with them on a co ownership. This is the Braebrook's Allegria "Allie" on the morning she left to her new home. Look at that beautiful face and lovely crop, so pretty.

The bitch I decided to keep was Braebrook's Varekai "Dusty". She was a bit of a sleeper puppy to me, pretty and finishable (could finish her championship) but with a little extra time she has been blossoming and I think she is turning into something very exciting.

 The temperaments on this entire litter have been excellent, very outgoing and confident. This is Dusty just a few nights ago picking out a stuffy at Petsmart. She met staff, other customers, a pushy young rottweiler who needed some work on her dog skills and she took it all in with a bang up tail and quiet confidence. I was very very pleased with her.

When we were at Petsmart there was a staff member who came over to say hello and bring her a cookie and the first question out of her mouth was "is she a rescue?". My answer of course was "no, not at all, I bred her". I am very proud of my dogs and and work very hard to produce good pets and show/working dogs with excellent temperaments and I'm quite happy to tell people that I bred them. Now the reason I bring this up is that I think it's sad that people immediately think that dogs are rescues, even clearly well bred ones in ear tapes. Now I have nothing against rescue dogs but what bothers me is that the first thing that a person assumes is rescue rather than "wow, I wonder what breeder that beautiful puppy came from?". Well bred, purpose bred purebreds are no longer the norm, people want to say they saved their dog and I get many puppy inquiries asking what my adoption fee for a puppy is. Let me be clear,  you are not adopting, you are purchasing. You are purchasing a well bred puppy from titled and health tested parents, a place for your dog to come back to if something happens in your life where you can no longer keep it and a lifetime of support whenever you need it. You know what you are purchasing as far as size, temperament, and trainability, which is one of the biggest bonuses in buying a purebred dog. You also know you are purchasing a breed of dog that pleases your eye, and a well bred example of that breed. I get told so often by my puppy people "everyone always comments on how beautiful he/she is". You know that they have been well socialized and loved from the moment they were born into my hands, and you know if anything should go wrong at any point down the road I am there for you 100%.  I put my heart and soul into my dogs and I love what I do more than anything. 

I am thrilled to share these dogs with my puppy owners who I welcome into the Braebrook family. I am so thankful that you are all getting your dogs out and about and introducing them to people. I think it's important that everyone see these well bred dogs from breeders and know what wonderful pets they are. I know I say it all the time but thank you Braebrook family! :D


  1. AMEN SISTER! We are proud to be in the Braebrook family. Toni/khaleesi/Errol (in descending order😋🐺