Friday, June 26, 2015

Litter Announcement: Rush x Phoebe

This litter has turned out to be quite memorable. The puppies decided to come a couple of days late and that couple of days happened to fall on Friday June 12th. The following day (Sat the 13th) I was due in the show ring with Khaleesi at 1pm, with the show being a couple of hours away. It was a long sleepless night delivering puppies ( my loving husband delivered the last two so that I could get a couple of hours of sleep....we're made for each other I tell ya) followed by an early morning packing and driving to the dog show. The show was very much worth it as you may have read here.

What makes the litter so memorable however was the first puppy born....

I have never had dilute puppies before so it was quite a surprise, and very exciting. I will be perfectly honest, when the above boy arrived I wasn't even completely sure if he was a fawn or a blue. I even looked up pictures of puppies online but that didn't help much. It wasn't until the little blue girl arrived that I knew for sure he was a fawn.

Phoebe whelped all nine puppies with ease and very little warning she was about to give nesting or panting, just totally relaxed. This is her third and final litter and apparently she's decided it's old hat.

The puppies are growing like weeds and are very strong. This picture is at about a week old.

 The puppies are two weeks old today, all eyes are open and they are crawling everywhere around the whelping box. We have four black boys, a black girl, a blue girl, a fawn boy, a red girl and a red boy....a rainbow! The sire is Rush and the dam is Phoebe.

A couple of these puppies will be available to loving homes, for more information and a puppy application please email:


  1. Omg I love that blue girl!!!!!!!

  2. Beautiful babies all Mariah πŸ‘πŸ½. We are looking forward to seeing them in July. Khaleesi is soo proud of her mother😍. Does "a couple of puppies..." Mean you're keeping the others?πŸ˜›. T/K/E

    1. I always keep from every litter, but no, most of these puppies are sold. ;)