Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Remy x Hadley Ten

This blog post has been highly requested and I apologize for the delay. Things have been very busy with lots going on and I finally grabbed my camera for this play session. The Remy x Hadley ten are seven weeks old today and were just cropped. Usually I don't crop until eight weeks but my vet was going away on vacation so we arranged to do it a bit earlier. The litter was so large that they were cropped over two days, the first five are in their little sock hats as you can see and the second five still have their vet wrap covers. I'm really pleased with how these guys are coming along, very smooth bodies, well balanced and some pretty heads. Temperaments are outgoing, sweet and engaging. Stacked pictures coming soon!

This goofy face makes me laugh...

Meeting Sniffy the cat (side note...his name was actually Smith but Ella couldn't say that as a wee thing and called him stuck).

So smooth....

Stay tuned....more pics of this litter coming in the next few days.


  1. We're glad Marshall didn't have a cone on also😂. You are having quite a year Lady! See you in a week. Khaleesi/Toni/Errol

  2. Who picKS the vet wrap colors and do you have a system?

    1. My vet does all the vet wrapping, my system is the coloured collars!

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