Saturday, April 12, 2014

Happy 9th Birthday Lexi!

Nine years, wow....I can't believe my sweet Lexi is nine years old. Chris and I got her not that long after we were married and she has been a mainstay in the kids life. She adored Ella from the moment she was born and was quite protective of her as a wee one. In fact I had to put her in our bedroom when the neighbors stopped by to meet our new addition as she was growling softly under her breath and didn't want anyone touching "her" baby. She mellowed as Ella got older but was there for every little step in Ella's life. She would lay under the jumperoo and Ella would bounce off of her and once Ella learned to walk she would spend many hours pretending to show Lexi and they would run up and down the hallway together.

Endlessly patient, Lexi loves her kids and I trust her with them completely. She would never jump on them, never steal food from their hands, always walks slowly when they hang on to her lead and has made a wonderful dog for them to grow up with.

I showed Lexi two weekends as a youngster but she really didn't enjoy it and would drool and look generally unhappy the whole time. She is not a showy dog and if she was a human would definitely be an introvert personality. She likes to be home with her family and doesn't like too much pressure put on her. She did however make an excellent obedience dog as she has a very strong sense of right and wrong and never wants to disappoint you. She and I trialed together briefly and picked her her CD (Companion Dog) title with a nice High in Class win.

We had a fun little celebration today which the kids loved (who doesn't like wearing party hats??), and after snapping a couple of pictures...

She shared her birthday dinner with Sebastian. :)

I'm off to snuggle my birthday girl a little more......hope you're enjoying your four legged they get older you realize how very important it is to do that.

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