Monday, April 14, 2014

A CGN title for Enya and a fun day with the Tyee Kennel Club

Yesterday was the Tyee Kennel Clubs sanction match and bake sale, along with a whole lot of other things!
I stayed up way too late the night before making treats for the bake sale....the banana bread turned out great but the fudge....not so much, was a bit hard so it stayed here at home rather than going to a bake sale.

The weather was outstanding which was wonderful for all the activities going on outside (herding instinct test and CGN) and all events were held at the Cowichan Exhibition Centre which is a wonderful place for dog events.

The inside of the building is large and spacious with lots of entrances/exits.

Along with conformation there was junior handling which Ella was able to participate in.

There was a very good turnout of juniors which is always nice to see. The more youngsters getting involved the better as it keeps the sport alive.

I helped out showing some dogs, an Irish Setter puppy who I just adore along with some very pretty Scottish Deerhound puppies. I lost my photographer (aka Ella) to playtime with the other kids who were there so I don't have any photos of my time in the ring or Enya's CGN test, but I am very happy to say that Enya passed and can now officially add the title to the end of her name. For more information on the test and what is required you can click here.

Here's Enya taking a well earned break in the sun after we got home.....the perfect ending to a fun doggie filled day.

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