Friday, December 28, 2012

Seven week stacked pictures

 Ok, if I didn't say it enough times before than I'll say it again...I love this litter. They are coming along just beautifully. Not only in structure, but they have wonderfully outgoing and brave temperaments too. Phoebe continues to be an outstanding mother, still nursing them and glad to do it. Many dams would be done by the time their babies turned seven weeks of age but she runs right in there and stands while everyone latches on and gets their fill. She doesn't have much milk left but she is quite willing to give them what she has. They are so big now they just sit while they are latched, they don't even have to reach up really...quite funny.

The puppies won't be seven weeks until tomorrow so pictures are a little early, but we had the time tonight so went ahead and did it anyway.

Here they are:

Green collar getting a little loving before being stacked. The best part of having the babies. ;)

Green collar


Yellow collar

Red collar

Purple collar

Pink collar

 No collar

 And blue collar who was being naughty tonight. ;)

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