Monday, December 17, 2012

The Freddy x Phoebe puppies at five weeks!

Purple collar, how cute is she??

Pink collar

The male

No collar girl....didn't want to give her ears...little brat. ;)

Yellow collar

Blue collar

Green collar...apparently the black girls didn't want to give ears this week.

Red collar girl

Stacked pictures start next week so you'll really be able to see how they are coming along. I love watching them move around on the ground, very smooth, trotting everywhere and so proud of themselves.

They are all very outgoing and social and I always make lots of noise around playing, singing, dropping things...I don't hold back. They also get all kinds of toys to play with and are handled constantly. My first priorities are good pets and companions and I want to set them up to succeed. Usually I like to give them lots of time outside running around but having a litter this time of year makes it difficult to do's just too cold and wet.

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