Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas wish list ideas

            I know, I's not like you need an excuse to spend more money on your least I know I don't. :P  However, if you are looking for some inspiration either for your own dog or for a friends dog I have put together a few ideas on at your own risk. ;)

My friend Janice Chapman does amazing doggie woodwork and here are a couple examples of things she has done for me:

This collar and lead rack was made for me about 12 years ago now (they last!) and is the old design. The new design is a little larger and more substantial looking and yes, I have one on order right now with a Doberman at the top.

 Everything is handmade and hand painted so can be customized to your specifications, as well as being very reasonably priced. It's not limited to Dobermans either, all breeds are available.
On the top is a crate or x pen tag. These can go on the outside of a crate or x pen at a dog show or trial and help friends find you or new people meet you. On the bottom is my Doberman Wipe Yer Paws! sign that when it arrives will be going on my kennel door (I wish the dogs could read....), note the "Braebrook" painted onto the dog's all in the details.
 If you are interested in any of these or one of the many other designs Janice makes (shelves, stools, feed bowl holders, doggie toy boxes) you can email her for more information as well as photos of other work she has done:

How about a new collar? I have a few options for you...

The first and what my dogs at home are currently wearing is AddisonLogan. These collars are all handmade and are very sturdy. Here are a couple pictures of the girls sporting their new collars when they arrived this summer:

 They have some end of the year sales going on right now including some great Christmas designs like this one:

Another collar option is from Cali's Collar Collection. Again these are homemade, come in a variety of colours and are very sturdy.

One of my very favourite leads are the kennel combo leads from Mes Amis Collars & Leashes. These are incredibly easy for moving dogs around from one yard to the next, to take them from show grounds to the van, or just to take them for a quick potty - they are great for travelling. They are very soft and easy on your hands, but very strong and come in many beautiful colours. I have five or six and I'm always adding more.
They come in regular leads with snaps as well and beautiful collars, both regular and limited slip.

Do you have a particularly strong puller? These collars from Lola Limited: index.html might be your answer. They are a prong collar that has been sewn into a limited slip collar. I have one for one of my dogs who is a real pulling machine and it has worked wonders. Again, lots of colours and designs to choose from.

For the showing crowd I have to share one of my favourite finds. These ringside totes are awesome! I use mine all the time to take bait, water bottles, wet coats etc ringside when I'm showing dogs. They are flashy, sturdy and very easy to clean if they get dirty. They are also as you can see customizable. I know that prices are going up in the New Year so now would be the time to order one of your own. Check out NanaB's Boutique for more information.

How about a new decoration for your Christmas tree? I have many Dobermans decorating my tree this year but it has been a tradition to add something new each year. The one pictured here is from Dannyquest but I have gotten many from eBay so be sure to have a look to see if you can find something you like.

And speaking of Danny Quest , if you are looking for something really special and a little higher end then these sculptures will have you drooling. Look at this Doberman bust...I love it and it will be mine one day.

Or this beautiful pair entitled "The Guardians".

And I have to include a German Shorthaired Pointer one so Libby doesn't feel left out. ;)

 So sure to sign up for their newsletter so you will know when they have a sale.

How about this cute welcome sign from an eBay store I found. They have red Dobermans too, and they are on sale right now. I have the perfect spot for one.....

Or you can just keep your eye open for cute things in any store you happen to be in. I found this great dish in Winners for only $6. It's very heavy and is now a water dish in my kitchen.

Hope this helps you in your Holiday shopping! :)

And just to leave you with a good feeling before you go here is Ella with green collar puppy girl. So sweet....

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