Sunday, January 6, 2013

Freddy x Phoebe puppies 8 week stacked pictures

I am continuing to enjoy this litter so much, they are a fearless and vivacious bunch and all so very proud of themselves. They move out well and carry a great back and recover quickly when startled. Of course I don't hold back when making noise around them, dropping pans, loud radio, talking all the time and the kids are always busy around them. They learn quickly that these things are all normal and fun and having a very dog loving cat is great for them too. They haven't spent as much time outside as a litter born in the summer would but we do go for short 10-15 minute jaunts out in the yard to play and they run and explore and come flying back when I call "pup pup pup".

The theme for this litter is going to be a wine theme and coming up with names has been fun but nothing has been set in stone so please feel free to comment with suggestions.

Here are the babies at 8 weeks:


Green collar

Purple collar

Yellow collar

Red collar

Pink collar

Blue collar

No collar

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